Pediatric Survivorship Clinic


The Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program was established in 2003 to provide comprehensive, on-going follow-up care for children who had been treated in the Division of Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Georgetown University Hospital. All children two or more years off treatment were automatically enrolled.

The clinic started with just one pediatric oncologist and over the years has grown to include a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner specializing in late effects, social worker, art therapist, neuropsychologist, and psychologist. In addition, the program has access to pediatric and adult multi-disciplinary sub-specialists. Since 2003, the program has received philanthropic support enabling it to expand significantly. We now provide services for children, teens, and adults, locally and internationally, with the bulk of the patients coming from the Greater Washington area, Maryland and Virginia.

The program focuses exclusively on the unique health-care needs of survivors by:

  • Monitoring and managing late effects of therapy
  • Addressing psychosocial needs
  • Educating survivors about their disease and the treatment received
  • Promoting wellness through education on healthy living
  • Encouraging participation in survivorship research
  • Empowering survivors to advocate for their own healthcare needs

In order to meet these goals, all cancer survivors are advised to have a regular, annual late effects visit. Our clinic sees patients every Friday morning, and appointments can be made by calling (202) 444-7599.

As our program grows and develops with new information and resources regarding survivorship, we continue to remain focused on the essential goal of helping our survivors enjoy a fulfilled life after cancer.

Learn more about the late effects of cancer or download The Next Step: Crossing the Bridge to Survivorship.