Parent Link Program

The Lombardi Children's Cancer "Parent Link" program was started in 1998 by a group of parents whose children had been diagnosed with cancer.  Having experience the trauma of having a child diagnosed with cancer we understood the power of connection and shared knowledge. Our purpose is to provide mutual support for other parents coping with the emotional, physical, financial, logistical, and spiritual challenges of having a child diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening hematological disease.

Our motto is "To know the road ahead ask those coming back."  The online Parent Link community site was launched in 2008. 

Parents will find coping strategies and answers to their questions, as well as vital support, compassion, encouragement, and inspiration from others sharing experiences similar to their own. We encourage all to join the community and start building their own online support network today. 

Registration is free and only takes a minute. Log on today at