Art Therapy Program

The Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Georgetown's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is well known for providing emotional and developmental support to patients and families, and this stellar reputation is in large part because of the Tracy's Kids Art Therapy Program. Since 1991, Tracy's Kids has enlivened the atmosphere of Lombardi pediatrics, and helping Georgetown's youngest hematology/oncology patients and their families cope with treatment.

Even the most compassionate care can be traumatic for patients and families. Pediatric patients may not understand the curative intent of painful and invasive procedures. Using nonverbal techniques - such as art - processing trauma can help patients integrate troubling material, rebuild self-esteem, and help young people cooperate with treatment.

Patients and their families are as individual as snowflakes: they come to Lombardi from every imaginable culture, educational background, and life experience, with a whole range of interests and expressive styles. A key to the success of the Tracy's Kids Art Therapy Program is that it engages patients and families where they are - in the cancer center and the hospital. Currently, two Tracy's Kids art therapists implement a dynamic program at Lombardi that sets a tone of fun, normalcy, and creative exploration in the outpatient clinic and at inpatients' bedsides. For more information about Tracy's Kids, please visit the organization's website at