Summer Volunteer Program for High School and Undergraduate Students


The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by NIH/NCI offers a Summer Research Volunteer Program as an outreach initiative with the overarching goal of training the next generation of scientists who are passionate about unraveling problems associated with human disease.

Our goal is to encourage students to make new discoveries and to pursue future careers in the biological sciences, particularly in cancer research. By participating in this program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC), students learn from experts who are devoted to preventing, treating and curing cancer. Participating students will have access to many research scientists who work in a range of fields across the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC). This is a chance to experience the gratification of discovering something new while learning to overcome the challenges inherent in scientific research. This summer research volunteer experience is intense but highly rewarding. If you enjoy science and have a strong desire to explore and discover the world around you, this is a great opportunity for you!

Description of the Program

Our Summer Research Program is designed for outstanding high school and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in bio-medically related sciences. Particularly, motivated students will benefit from the opportunity of hands-on laboratory research.

The 2016 High School Summer Research Volunteer Program runs for eight weeks, beginning June 27 through August 19.

The 2016 Undergraduate Summer Research Volunteer Program runs for eight weeks, beginning June 13th (or earlier/later) through August 5th (or earlier/later)

During the 8-week program, students work full-time (40 hours/week) on independent research projects under the guidance of a research scientist. Students either work on a specific project assigned to them or work alongside postdoctoral fellows and graduate/undergraduate students. Many times the mentors will assign program participants to one of their fellows and graduate students inside the laboratory. Mentors will meet with program participants periodically to measure progress and address any questions.

Students in the program have the opportunity to:

  • Obtain hands-on research experience in cutting-edge laboratories
  • Interact with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students
  • Attend a weekly seminar series of presentations from the various fields of cancer biology
  • Attend and present research findings at work-in-progress sessions with postdoctoral fellows and graduate students
  • Participate in cancer research with Georgetown University faculty and staff
  • Meet and network with peers who have similar goals and interests

Students will learn from scientists conducting research in:

  • Signals and pathways involved in the control of cell proliferation and death
  • Cell to cell interactions, adhesion, and protein targeting
  • Tumor immunology and immunotherapy
  • Human cancer genetics and biology
  • Drug development, drug resistance, and clinical therapeutics
  • Interventions to improve cancer survivorship
  • Efectiveness of clinical practice and health policy


High school students: No previous research experience is necessary. However, AP science is strongly encouraged.

  • Students must be 16 years of age by June 27, 2016.
  • Students must commit fully to all 8 weeks of the program. The program will take place from June 27 through August 19, 2016. If you are unable to participate for the duration of the eight weeks you will not be considered for participation. 

Undergraduate students: No previous research experience is necessary.

  • Students must be 16 years of age by June 13, 2016.
  • Students must commit fully to all 8 weeks of the program. The program will take place from June 13 (or earlier/later), 2016 through August 5, 2016. If you are unable to participate for the duration of the eight weeks you will not be considered for participation.

All students are expected to work full-time (40 hours/week) for the duration of the program, so participation is not compatible with attending summer school or working at another job.

Students are expected to show up on time and dress appropriately for the laboratory environment. They are also expected to maintain a good attitude toward the work and to comply with strict safety guidelines. Safety training will be provided.

The program is free for all accepted students. Students must provide their own transportation and housing; no campus parking is provided.

How To Apply

  • Application Deadline: March 31, 2016 at 5:00pm
  • Click here to apply.
  • Your application is considered when the application is submitted by the deadline
  • Only accepted applicants will receive an email message with an acceptance notification and a request to submit a 1-2 page(s) resume and your current high school / undergraduate transcript to and

Information related to scientists and their research areas can be found here.


For general inquiry, contact

Director of Summer Research Volunteer Program
Mira Jung, Ph.D.,