Symposium Series

Arts and Sciences series

Arts Care of Northern Ireland: World Class Healthcare - March 30, 2007
Arts Care Director Lorna Hastings presented an overview of Arts Care, a nationwide organization that develops arts in healthcare policy and sponsors long-term artist residencies in hospitals throughout Northern Ireland. She spoke of exemplary projects and research that reflects the integration of arts and science.

International Dance Symposium
Dancers from the U.S. and Northern Ireland gathered with members of the Washington D.C. dance community to present a variety of approaches and techniques used successfully to benefit people with chronic illness. Guests included Jill Sonke, Director for the Center for the Arts in Healthcare research and Education at the University of Florida, Jenny Elliott, Dancer in Residence through Artscare of Northern Ireland, Daniel Burkholder, Washington dancer and choreographer, and resident dancer at Lombardi, and Ann Behrends, aerlialist and physical therapist, also a resident dancer at Lombardi. Sarah Clark-Hammel, Georgetown University Dance Company liaison with the Arts and Humanities Program, offered a student perspective on bringing dance to people with cancer.