Meet the Artists

Artists at Lombardi are selected and screened for their artistic ability, teaching style, ability to work as part of the support team, and effectiveness in engaging and supporting Lombardi community members. Several participating artists are cancer survivors and caregivers who have great empathy for those undergoing treatment. All work with people with cancer, their families and the Lombardi staff.

Artists at Lombardi

Ann Behrends, aerialist and physical therapist, provides gentle stretch movement to music for patients, family members and staff. Sessions are tailored to participant ability and may take place standing, seated, or laying in bed.

Carol Bitner Tapestry weaver, introduces basic and complex weaving techniques using a variety of imaginative materials. Carol's work has been featured in two tapestry exhibitions at Lombardi.

Nevin Bossart, artist and chef, leads workshops in acrylic painting, offering beginners guided instruction about painting his signature sunflowers, graduating to more advanced landscapes. Nevin caters caregiver events, providing a variety of nutritious meals. His acrylic paintings have been on exhibit and are included in Lombardi's permanent collection.

Daniel Burkholder dancer and choreographer, leads impromptu seated stretch classes in oncology waiting areas and heads the Lombardi Moves Dance Troupe, which is open to all members of the Lombardi and Georgetown Hospital community. A series of simple choreographed movements build to performance pieces which are practiced in weekly sessions.

Wendolyn Daniels, watercolor art instructor, invites patients and caregivers to her table to learn to paint or improve their skills. Wendy offers her lessons in the Breast Health Center and the Lombardi Clinic.

Sue Fierston, artist, writer, educator, has exhibited her watercolors and acrylics at Lombardi and teaches a range of art media, most recently felting.

Karen Gallant, creativity coach, offers mixed media art projects in the Breast Health Center and other locations. Projects include collage, clay, painting, and doll-making. Her artwork has been on exhibit in the Lombardi Atrium.

Mirriam Gentle is a harp therapist who individualizes music through resonant tone, mood, tempo and preferred genre of music, creating a soothing musical experience for all members of the Lombardi/Georgetown community.

Deborah Gudelsky, known at Lombardi as "the bead lady," engages participants in selecting from a vast array of beads with the intention of enhancing personal well-being and creating a meaningful personal icon. Deborah offers other workshops, including origami, and journal making. She has exhibited her art in the Atrium and is featured in the permanent collection.

Anthony Hyatt, violinist, offers a versatile repertoire and lively conversation with every performance. He plays in the atrium and serenades people in infusion and inpatient areas.

Lauren Kingsland, quilter, has adorned many oncology areas with quilts she designed and created, often with the assistance of community participants. Lauren teaches all forms of fabric arts, relating projects to holidays, special events or requests from staff managers. She currently administers the Quality of Life/Staff Morale program. Lauren has had numerous quilt exhibitions at Lombardi and is featured in the permanent collection.

Liz Macklin, watercolor artist, offers classes in watercolor and handmade journals.

Nancy Morgan, writing clinician, encourages participants to express their thoughts and feelings on paper as part of their health regimen. She selects universal writing themes that are accessible and enjoyable to write about, and helps people discover the cathartic effects of personal reflection and written expression.

Robert Northern, educator and musician, offers community performances and private, therapeutic sessions with people in inpatient rooms, playing drums or a variety of flutes. He also leads a monthly drumming therapy session that is rapidly becoming a jazz improv group including piano, saxophone and drums.

Jackie Saunders, water color artist and instructor, offers monthly demonstrations and lessons, using a variety of flowers as still life models. Jackie has exhibited her work at Lombardi and is featured in the permanent collection.

Laura Sperling, music practitioner and flutist, focuses on oncology inpatient areas, drawing from an extensive musical repertoire to promote health and well being for each individual. Laura performs on her own ceramic, hand-painted flutes.

Ellen Tenenbaum, pianist, plays a soothing and inspiring blend of classical and contemporary musical selections in the Atrium, providing our entire community with a welcome reverie.

Claire Wagner, needlework instructor, has initiated many patients into the meditative practice of knitting. Providing yarn and needles, she helps novices begin with a simple scarf project, and can trouble shoot, resolving any knitting dilemma that comes her way.

Harriet Weiner, artist, educator, introduces a variety of art forms including basketry, quilling, and origami. Harriet enjoys working with both children and adults at Lombardi.

Special thanks to the members of The Friday Morning Music Club whose regular performances entertain and inspire the Lombardi community.