MD/PhD Program in Tumor Biology


The Tumor Biology Training Program also participates in a combined-degree program, which affords students the opportunity to work simultaneously toward both the M.D. and Ph.D. degree.

The M.D./Ph.D. Program is intended to have sufficient flexibility to accommodate candidates with various backgrounds - the prior experiences and future needs of the students guide the selection of graduate and medical electives and the timing of core courses and research rotations. M.D./Ph.D. students are admitted to the combined-degree program via an undifferentiated mechanism, and generally defer the selection of a sponsoring degree-granting program until the end of the first year of training.

The Graduate School requires that a total of 48 credit hours of Graduate School credits be obtained for the Ph.D. degree. By agreement between the Graduate and Medical Schools, up to 30 hours are credited towards the Graduate School requirement for completion of requirements for all four years of the M.D. degree curriculum. After completing the Ph.D. course requirements, each student must pass an oral and written qualifying examination before commencing thesis research. At the completion of thesis research students return to the third year of the medical school curriculum to complete their clinical rotations.


Typical Curriculum

All Years: All Tumor Biology Ph.D. trainees must register for Tumor Biology Student Seminar (TBIO 711/712) and Current Topics (TBIO 703/704) each semester from their 1st year of Ph.D. Training to the completion of the program.

Summer Prior to First Semester - TBIO 555 Tumor Biology Lab Rotation I (0)

Summer After First Year of Medical School - TBIO 556 Tumor Biology Lab Rotation II (0)

Summer After Second Year of Medical School - TBIO 557 Tumor Biology Lab Rotation III (0)

Year 1 of Ph.D. Training

Semester 1

BCHB 528 - Modern Methods in Molecular Biology (3)
TBIO 508 - Cellular & Molecular Aspects of the Transformed Cell (4)
TBIO 703 - Current Topics in Cancer Research (0)
TBIO 711- Student Seminar (0)
TBIO 546 - Resources for Cancer Research (0) (Fall only)
TBIO 591 - Signal Transduction Journal Club (1) (Fall or Spring)

Semester 2

CBIO 539 - Biochemical and Cellular Sciences II (3)
BIST 501 - Experimental Design and Analysis (3)
TBIO 520 - Cancer Prevention, Control, & Epidemiology (4)
TBIO 588 - Preparing a Scientific Paper (2)
PHAR 534 - Ethical Issues in Scientific Research (2)
TBIO 704 - Current Topics in Cancer Research (0)
TBIO 712 - Student Seminar (0)

Years 2 - 4 of PhD Training

TBIO 999-01 - Thesis Research (0)
TBIO 703/704 - Current Topics in Cancer Research (0)
TBIO 711/712 - Student Seminar (0)


A single page of all course descriptions is available here.