Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer:
Personalized Medicine & the Cure for Cancer

February 17, 2010 | 2-6:30pm

A symposium for medical professionals, researchers and patient advocates

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On November 29, 2009, John L. Marshall, MD, director of the Ruesch Center, published an opinion in The Washington Post titled, "Fighting a Smarter War on Cancer." In this piece, Marshall describes his vision of personalized cancer care, contrasted with the "standard of care" that most patients receive today. The piece has quickly become required reading within the cancer community.

To continue this discussion, the Ruesch Center is hosting a series of multidisciplinary symposia regarding the future of cancer research and the use of personalized medicine as the route to a cure.

This scientifc symposium convenes national thought leaders in the fields of cancer research and personalized medicine, scientists, clinicians, advocates, and influencers in health care policy and bioethics, to discuss critical issues surrounding state-of-the-art biomarkers and molecular diagnostics. Issues that were addressed include where to look for biomarkers (tumor versus host), how to measure and validate these biomarkers, how to design clinical trials, the ever-changing regulatory environment and bioethical implications of patient selection.

Click here to view the Washington Post opinion, "Fighting a Samerter War on Cancer."