Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer:
Personalized Medicine & the Cure for Cancer

February 17, 2010 | 2-6:30pm

A symposium for medical professionals, researchers and patient advocates

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Part I: The Science of Fighting a Smarter War on Cancer

2:00 pm


by John L. Marshall, MD

12 min, 39 seconds

2:15 pm

Why Personalized Medicine is the Only Way: Targeting the EGFR pathway

by Louis M. Weiner, MD


22 min, 25 seconds

2:30 pm

Panel Discussion: Is the Answer Already in our Hands?Moderated by John L. Marshall, MD


Tissue as diagnostic tool

by Hartmut Juhl, MD


11 min, 54 seconds


by Anton Wellstein, MD, PhD


17 min, 31 seconds


by Albert J. Fornace, Jr, MD


12 min, 04 seconds

Connecting the Dots: Informatics

by Subha Madhavan, PhD


15 min, 57 seconds

Question and Answer session


26 min, 45 seconds

4:05 pm

Challenges of Cancer Targeted Drug Development


Turning a “Target” into a “Drug”

by Milton Brown, MD, PhD


18 min, 59 seconds

Turning a “Drug” into a “Therapy”

by Gilad Gordon, MD, MBA


23 min, 25 seconds





Part II: Personalized Medicine & the Cure for Cancer


Thomas R. Schafer Memorial Lecture in Pancreatic and Gastrointestinal Cancer

From Bench to Bedside to Pfizer

by Mace Rothenberg, MD


45 min, 24 seconds

5:30 pm

Empiricism: The Ethics of “Trial and Error” Medicine

by Carol Taylor, PhD, MSN


19 min, 19 seconds

5:50 pm

The Role of Cancer Advocacy in Finding the Cures

by Carolyn "Bo" Aldigé


16 min, 46 seconds

6:10 pm

Healthcare Reform and the Cures of Cancer

by The Hon. W.J. (Billy) Tauzin


31 min, 22 seconds