CCSB Administration

The Lombardi Center for Cancer Systems Biology (LCCSB) is a well-integrated program of cancer biology and modeling. The center is led by an expert breast cancer researcher, supported by a multidisciplinary team of investigators from Georgetown Lombardi, Virginia Polytechnic institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and Fox Chase Cancer Center. The interdisciplinary team of researchers includes bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, computer scientists, molecular biologists/endocrinologists/geneticists, and medical oncologists who already have a strong record of productive collaboration. the advice of an expert panel of scientists will be obtained annually through External Advisory Committee (EAC), whereas an Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) will provide advice and support on a quarterly basis. These and other activities of the center will be administered through the functions of the Administration, Evaluation and Planning Core. The members of each research project will conduct weekly project meeting and the entire CCSB will meet monthly. Quarterly IAC meetings will be used for more detailed management and operational discussions, in to progress reviews on CCSB function and planning.


Bioinformatics will be managed and administered through the Bioinformatics Infrastructure and and Data Integration core lead by Subha Madhavan, PhD.